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  • Loved Ones and Family

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    Being there for a loved one who is declining cognitively or physically can be emotionally tiresome.

    Sole caregivers often don’t have the time to step away and take care of themselves and may become stressed because of the never-ending cycle of their days. Some other negative emotions you might be feeling is depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, isolation or guilt.

    I work with caregivers and understand the stress and coping process as it affects caregivers for frail, older adults. Therapy with caregivers will usually include some need to explore relationship issues and family issues as well. This work often includes a dual focus on emotional issues for the caregiver and problem solving in order to reduce the real stress and strain of long term caregiving for a seriously disabled family member.

    As we navigate our own feelings, we struggle to help those we love. Let me help you and offer my strength as you give yours to your loved one! Take steps to preserve your own health and well-being.